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The Axiom Advantage

Axiom Advantage is a young firm that was established in August 2016 by Lisa Townsend and Sasha Prien. Our principals spent more than 17 years working in public practice. They could see that business owners need and deserve more from their accountant than just accounts and tax returns. That’s when Axiom Advantage was born.

So what is the Axiom Advantage?

Just imagine how your small business could benefit from having experienced business mentors on your side. Advisors that can handle your finances, coach you through important business decisions, help you achieve your goals and reach financial freedom…all while saving you time and money! That’s the advantage you get from working with us.

While we work with all types of small businesses, we have a particular passion for working with startups, especially professionals and IT companies, to ensure they get started correctly. We’ll make sure your business is on track and set up for success right from the beginning. We also have experience with various trades in the construction industry, so whether you are a builder, plumber, architect or surveyor, we can help you streamline your business and take it to the next level.

Our Purpose

We aim to be your dream accountants, providing enduring value through innovative advice and coaching so that you can achieve your goals.

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