Business Packages

No two businesses are exactly the same, with exactly the same requirements.

So these packages are a starting point and can be customised for you.


Email & Phone Support & Updates

You can call or email knowing that you’re not being charged by the minute. When you are making big decisions, our advice may help you to make better decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check our frequently asked questions below for answers to the most common business queries. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, either call us on 1300 980 620 or email your query to – we’d love to help you!


Do you use cloud accounting? Is it better?

We are entirely cloud accounting, all the way. We believe it is better as it allows you & your team (and us) to access your accounts from anywhere, any device. So you can invoice your customers on the road, get paid easily, and we can view the same information at the same time while we chat about how your business is going.

What cloud accounting apps should I use?

There are many options on the market, and they all have different features and are designed to work for different size businesses and industries. As we work mainly with small-to-medium enterprises, we prefer Xero, and customise with add-ons that are suited for your industry or type of business. We can help you transfer to Xero, or set-up a new Xero account, and train you & your team to get the best from it & streamline your business operations.

How can I reduce my tax?

If you are not using the correct structure or don’t have any tax planning in place, you probably are paying more tax that you need to. We can help you with a tax planning & business structure review, to determine what reductions can be made. We can also help you manage your cashflow, to ensure you can pay for what you need, when you need.

I want to change accountants, is it hard to do?

It is simple to change accountants, as we manage the process for you which makes it easy and there should be no delay in your accounting. If you are not satisfied with your current accountant and want to change, it is important you do so that you have a good working relationship with your advisers. 

First contact your current accountant and let them know, and make sure there is no work currently being done and no fees outstanding (as they may not have billed you yet).

Then we’ll have a chat about your business, your situation and what you are looking for that makes you want to change accountants. If we both feel we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

What else do you do?

Thank you for asking! We do business development such as private workshops for business planning, core values, and organisational reviews; we do business coaching with regular meetings to discuss your goals & action plans, and to hold you accountable to meeting your goals; we do Estate Planning (which is so much more than just making a Will) to ensure all that you’ve worked hard for goes to the right people, and liaise with lawyers for you; and we also do Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) in terms of accounting & compliance services, and liaise with other professionals such as auditors and financial planners.

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